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Hey guys and girls, my name is Zahida Ali.

I am originally half German and half Black American. I was raised and live in Italy. I founded Zahida Dark Skin Makeup in 2017 – a vision I had for 10 years. I have travelled to many countries having purchased makeup products during my travels. However, I never found the perfect product for my skin. “I have a dream” as Martin Luther King expressed. I had a dream to create my own makeup range for women of colour which is now a reality. “Whether you are an Asian, Arabian or Nubian Queen, Sun-Kissed, Olive-Skin or something in between, find your match at Zahida Darkskin Makeup” – the ethos of Zahida Dark Skin Makeup. Our makeup offers a range of products in statement colours to cater to women of all shades. Our core values reflect diversity and inclusivity particularly amongst women of colour who have struggled to find a suitable foundation or other makeup products for their complexion. Zahida Dark Skin Makeup is for the modern woman who is fearless, bold and beautiful both internally and externally. Such women as Oprah Winfrey, Naomi Campbell, Michelle Obama, Grace Jones and Meghan Markle are the type of women who inspired my creative vision and make me proud to be black and I hope you do too.

Lots of Love From Zahida Dark Skin Makeup

Ps. we aim to help you find fabulous makeup for your fabulous skin.